JMS Progressive Nitrous Controller 609.99$

Description :

JMS Progressive N20 Controller The JMS Progressive N20 Controller is the new standard for Nitrous Controllers! Finally, there is a N20 Controller that allows for maximum ADJUSTABILITY while combining all of the popular nitrous add-ons into one device. No external relays, triggers or RPM Switches’s all in one device! •Easy to setup and use. No relays, triggers, or RPM switches required, everything is built into one unit! •Compatible with all 12V or 16V battery systems & one to sixteen cylinder engines. •Adjustable Solenoid Frequency •Wide-Open Throttle Enable Trigger •Wide-Open Throttle Enable Trigger •Dual Independent Ramp Rates Simple Installation: Easy to setup and use. No need for a laptop or complicated user display. All adjustments can be made with the included flat-head screwdriver. Complete Progressive Nitrous System Control in a single unit: eliminate external relays, triggers and RPM switches Operating Voltage Range: 9.5V - 20V DC Compatibility: - Works with all 12V or 16V battery systems. - Automatically functions as a Turbo Nitrous Controller, if the Start Percentage is set higher than the End Percentage. Inputs: RPM: Monitors Engine RPM. Connect to the negative side of the ignition coil or fuel injector.

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